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Balance Function Assessment and Management. Text with DVD

Jacobson, Gary P. PhD
Balance Function Assessment and Management. Text with DVD Cover Image
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Book Information
Edition: 1st
Publisher: Plural Publishing, Inc
ISBN: 1-59756-100-2 (1597561002)
ISBN-13: 978-1-59756-100-6 (9781597561006)
New Edition: 1-59756-547-4
Binding: Book with Ancillary Hardcover + DVD
Copyright: 2008
Publish Date: 01/08
Weight: 3.83 Lbs.
Pages: 649
Carton Quantity: 6
Subject Class: HRP (Health Related Professions)
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Doody Star Rating: 3
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Class Specifications
Discipline: Otorhinolaryng
Subject Definition: Vestibular Dis-Diag; Vestibular Dis-Therapy
NLM Class: WV 255
LC Class: RF260
Abstract: This book comprehensively covers the assessment and treatment of balance system impairments. Designed to be used in graduate programs in audiology, and by practicing audiologists, it is also appropriate for those in the fields of physical therapy, otolaryngology, and neurology. Assessment chapters address ocular motility testing, positional/positioning testing, caloric testing, rotational testing, computerized dynamic posturography, and vestibular evoked potentials. Treatment chapters cover non-medical, medical, and surgical treatment of dizziness and vertigo, vestibular rehabilitation and assessment of and intervention for falls risk. Additionally, the book provides background information on the vestibular and ocular motor systems, sample cases, and a final chapter, "Putting It All Together."

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