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COTA Examination Review Guide. Text with CD-ROM for Windows

Johnson, Caryn R. MS
COTA Examination Review Guide. Text with CD-ROM for Windows Cover Image
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Book Information
Edition: 2nd
Publisher: Davis, F.A.
ISBN: 0-8036-0844-6 (0803608446)
ISBN-13: 978-0-8036-0844-3 (9780803608443)
New Edition: 0-8036-6914-3
Format: Examination Question
Binding: Book with Ancillary
Copyright: 2002
Publish Date: 04/02
Weight: 1.08 Lbs.
Pages: 265
Carton Quantity: 24
Subject Class: HRP (Health Related Professions)
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Class Specifications
ISSN Series: Cota Examination Review Guide
Discipline: Practice Med
Subject Definition: Occupational Therapy-Examination Questions
NLM Class: WB 18.2
LC Class: RM735.32
Abstract: This book's format encourages users to synthesize and apply knowledge and become comfortable with the format of the NBCOT exam. The questions in the certification exam are designed to require candidates to call upon their knowledge of occupational therapy practice and to apply that knowledge to realistic practice situations. The questions in this book are designed to evoke these same thought processes. The reader will find that basic knowledge combined with reasoning will lead to the best answer; the questions in this book do not test basic knowledge alone.

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