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La ensenanza en el aula bilingue: Content, language, and biliteracy

Mercuri, Sandra
La ensenanza en el aula bilingue: Content, language, and biliteracy Cover Image
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Edition: 1st
Publisher: Brookes, Paul H.
ISBN: 1-934000-43-4 (1934000434)
ISBN-13: 978-1-934000-43-4 (9781934000434)
Binding: Softcover
Copyright: 2021
Publish Date: 04/21
Weight: 1.47 Lbs.
Pages: 288
Subject Class: EDU (Education)
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Class Specifications
Abstract: La ense..anza en el aula biling..e: Content, language, and biliteracy by Mercuri and Musanti with Rodr..guez is for teachers who dedicate their work to bilingualism, biliteracy, and equity for bilingual learners. The book is written in Spanish (not translated from English), and it has two major goals for pre-service and practicing teachers:Teachers learn how to develop, implement, and monitor interdisciplinary biliteracy units of instruction that they can use in any type of bilingual program.."while effectively addressing the diverse needs of simultaneous and sequential bilingual learners from Spanish-speaking homes, bilingual homes, and English-speaking homes. Bilingual teachers will have opportunities to leverage their own bilingual resources and cultural funds of knowledge to strengthen their academic Spanish and biliteracy, with a focus on academic reading and writing in Spanish, as they use this book.Each chapter in this ground-breaking book uses the classic Preview (English) - View (Spanish) - Review structure, using English for a brief preview and review of the chapter to support bilingual teachers with a wide range of expertise in oral and written Spanish and English.

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