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Cardiac Drugs Made Ridiculously Simple, 1e

Cardiac Drugs Made Ridiculously Simple
By: Michael A. Chizner
ISBN: 978-1-935660-35-4
Pub Date: Due July 2019
Price: $24.95

Cardiac drugs are the cornerstone of modern cardiovascular therapeutics. The number of cardiac drugs used for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. Practitioners often feel overwhelmed trying to keep pace with the plethora of cardiac drugs and the difficult decisions of which drugs to choose for which conditions. Cardiac Drugs Made Ridiculously Simple provides a lucid, practical summary of current cardiovascular drug therapy. It distills basic clinical concepts to a concise, clear minimum, while including essential information on the latest pharmacologic treatment recommendations to help guide clinical decision making in the hospital or outpatient setting.

Rheumatology Made Ridiculously Simple, 1e

Rheumatology Made Ridiculously Simple
By: Adam J. Brown
ISBN: 978-1-935660-38-5
Pub Date: Due July 2019
Price: $29.95

Rheumatology Made Ridiculously Simple covers the broad range of rheumatologic diseases, including diagnosis, treatment, and many case examples, including rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, spondyloarthritis, lupus, gout and pseudogout, septic joint, vasculitis, scleroderma, myopathies, and many other diseases, including those in pediatric rheumatology. It is written in a brief, clear, easy to read style that focuses on clinical relevance and understanding rather than rote memory.

Cardiac Physical Exam Made Ridiculously Simple, 1e

Cardiac Physical Exam Made Ridiculously Simple
By: Michael A. Chizner
ISBN: 978-1-935660-39-2
Pub Date: Due July 2019
Price: $23.95

Despite the growing reliance on sophisticated high technology, important information about the cardiovascular system can often be obtained from a careful cardiac physical examination. Indeed, even in this age of advanced technology, the cardiac physical exam remains a simple and reliable clinical approach to a rapid, accurate, and cost-effective cardiac diagnosis. Cardiac Physical Exam Made Ridiculously Simple, which includes a downloadable interactive program on cardiac ausculation, provides an in-depth, but clear, brief, and clinically relevant presentation of all aspects of the cardiac physical exam, by one of the world's leading experts in cardiac diagnosis.

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