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De-escalating Violence in Healthcare, 1e

De-escalating Violence in Healthcare
By: S.E. McKnight
ISBN: 978-1-948057-49-3
Pub Date: December 2019
Price: $59.95

Violent incidents are more than four times as likely to occur in healthcare settings than in other professional workplaces, taking a toll on healthcare workers and spurring providers and policymakers to solve the increasing impact of violence. The most beneficial method of preventing healthcare violence is de-escalation using therapeutic communication and interventions to defuse emotional tension. In De-Escalating Violence in Healthcare, author S. E. McKnight provides tools and techniques to help nurses and other healthcare professionals manage aggressive behavior and foster a safer workplace.

Influence of Psychological Trauma in Nursing, 1e

Influence of Psychological Trauma in Nursing
By: Karen, J. Foli, PhD, RN
Pub Date: May 2019
Price: $44.95

As nurses know firsthand, the impact of psychological trauma is not limited to those who experience it. Others including nurses and caregivers are indirectly affected. In healthcare, patients psychological trauma may manifest in odd, uncomfortable, or confusing behaviors. Nurses and healthcare workers must recognize that patients may be feeling unsafe or struggling with low self-esteem, anxiety, grief, loneliness, or depression born from trauma. As nurses listen to, empathize with, and sometimes grieve with the people they care for, they need to comprehend the why behind these feelings and actions.

Rethinking Your Unit Council Structure, 1e

Rethinking Your Unit Council Structure
By: Beth Browder, BSN, RN
Pub Date: June 2019
Price: $44.95

Rapid change is constant in the healthcare industry, leaving hospitals and the units within to react and adapt. Unfortunately, the typical shared (professional) governance structure fails to address the challenges of modern healthcare systems, both in efficiency and ability to maintain long-term change. As a result, change in healthcare is often met with roadblocks and resistance.

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