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Personality Disorders Explained, 3e

Personality Disorders Explained
By: D. Robinson
ISBN: 978-1-894328-30-2
Pub Date: Janury 2021 2021
Price: $19.00

Personality Disorders Explained, Third Edition is now available! Updated for the DSM-5, this small book with big plans is a fun, concise and practical introduction to the ten personality disorders. Each chapter has unique graphics and illustrations, movie examples, memory aids, interview findings, a review of presumed etiology and an overview of a variety of treatment options. We fixed the old spelling mistakes and made some new ones. New features in this edition are: revised mnemonics, updated movie references, improved graphics and special topics (in some of the chapters). Illustrator: Brian Chapman

Mental Status Exam Explained

Mental Status Exam Explained
By: David J. Robinson
Pub Date: July 2016
Price: $17.00

The Mental Status Exam (MSE) is the component of an interview where cognitive functions are tested and inquiries are made about psychiatric symptoms. The MSE is as crucial to psychiatry as the physical exam is to other areas of medicine. This text was written to provide readers with a practical, concise, and enjoyable introduction to conducting mental status examinations. The second edition incorporates modest changes to the text. A chapter was added dealing with Insight & Judgment. A two-page summary fo the comprehensive MSE was added (and may be freely copied).

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