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Physical Activity and Obesity

Bouchard, Claude PhD
Physical Activity and Obesity Cover Image
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Book Information
Edition: 2nd
Publisher: Human Kinetics
ISBN: 1-4504-1885-6 (1450418856)
ISBN-13: 978-1-4504-1885-0 (9781450418850)
Binding: E E Book + ProQuest Ebook Central
Copyright: 2010
Publish Date: 02/10
Weight: 0.00 Lbs.
Carton Quantity: 12
Subject Class: RET (Returns)
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Class Specifications
Discipline: Metabolic Dis
Subject Definition: Obesity-Prevention & Control; Exercise-Physiology
NLM Class: WD 210
LC Class: RC628
Abstract: The truth about obesity - explained. The field of physical activity and obesity has mushroomed with new research, sparking the need for a new edition of this subject-defining book. Editors Bouchard and Katzmarzyk create a go-to resource with 89 succinct, authoritative chapters that may be used independently or as a complete text. This new second edition addresses an array of topics that explore the links between physical activity (or inactivity) and obesity. Leading scientists team up to provide an unrivaled resource, often dealing with contentious or controversial issues and never willing to skirt the issues. The nine parts of the book flow logically and address obesity in all populations, including children and adults of various backgrounds, ethnicities and social classes. An overview of the methods used in assessing the levels of sedentary behavior and physical activity is given, followed by a global view of the problem of physical inactivity and obesity. "Physical Activity and Obesity" helps readers better understand the role of physical activity in the overall energy balance equation. The unique format, expert contributors and complete references make this resource indispensable for researchers, practitioners and students studying the ever-expanding topic of obesity as it relates to physical activity.
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