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Social Issues in Sport

Woods, R
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Edition: 3rd
Publisher: Human Kinetics
ISBN: 1-4925-4604-6 (1492546046)
ISBN-13: 978-1-4925-4604-7 (9781492546047)
New Edition: 1-4925-9713-9
Old Edition: 0-7360-8982-9
Binding: Looseleaf
Copyright: 2017
Publish Date: 05/16
Weight: 3.22 Lbs.
Carton Quantity: 12
Subject Class: S-M (Sports Medicine)
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Abstract: Social Issues in Sport, Third Edition, explores common questions and issues about sport and its relation to society through various sociological and cultural lenses. Author Ronald Woods draws on a lifetime in sport as a participant, observer, fan, teacher, coach, administrator, and critic to explore historical perspectives and complex relationships that have emerged between sport and our modern society. The text's engaging writing style, full-color design, and ample learning tools keep students engaged. ... Social Issues in Sport, Third Edition, provides the foundations for examining the multifaceted roles of sport and physical activity in society and for studying sport from a critical perspective. The information and many activities used throughout the text invite students to understand and evaluate the sociocultural issues raised by sport and relate these themes to their own lives. Through this in-depth examination of sociocultural issues, students will be able to understand and appreciate the development of sport as a part and reflection of the development of society.

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