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Red Book: A Quick Diagnosis Deck

Red Book: A Quick Diagnosis Deck Cover Image
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Book Information
Edition: 1st
Publisher: American Academy of Pediatrics
ISBN: 1-61002-313-7 (1610023137)
ISBN-13: 978-1-61002-313-9 (9781610023139)
New Edition: 1-61002-516-4
Binding: Card Deck
Copyright: 0419
Publish Date: 03/19
Weight: 1.79 Lbs.
Pages: 161
Subject Class: PUB (Public Health)
A New Edition of this Publication is due 11/22
Return Policy: Returns accepted up to 12 months provided no other recalls or return restrictions apply.
Class Specifications
Abstract: This innovative new support tool features current Red Book clinical manifestations with a wide range of complementary images, in a convenient and portable deck format. More than 160 cards with 425 pertinent clinical images are laminated and bound with a metal grommet, to enagle them to endure the rigors of daily use. Physicians, nurses and other health care providers can turn to this handy reference during the office visit -- particularly when faced with a tricky diagnostic situation. Residents, medical students, and other trainees will appreciate having the valuable clinical manifestations content from the Red Book, paired with a wide array of pertinent clinical images, in the palm of the hand.

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