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Breastfeeding Telephone Triage and Advice

Bunik, Maya MD, MSPH, FAAP
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Book Information
Edition: 3rd
Publisher: American Academy of Pediatrics
ISBN: 1-61002-197-5 (1610021975)
ISBN-13: 978-1-61002-197-5 (9781610021975)
New Edition: 1-61002-562-8
Old Edition: 1-58110-951-2
Binding: Spiral
Copyright: 2019
Publish Date: 09/18
Weight: 1.17 Lbs.
Pages: 122
Subject Class: PED (Pediatrics)
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Class Specifications
Discipline: Pediatrics
Subject Definition: Breast Feeding-Methods; Triage-Methods; Telephone
NLM Class: WS 15
LC Class: RJ216
Abstract: Created by a leading breastfeeding and phone care practitioner, this newly revised problem-solver helps nurses, lactation professionals, and other medical staff confidently advise breastfeeding mothers. It is ideal for use with the acclaimed Pediatric Telephone Protocols. Key features include: Completely updated and revised, enhanced from black-and-white to more than 50 illuminating color photos to help triage professionals zero in on caller problems, more information included on maternal depression, which a high risk for early cessation, new protocols on child care policies/suggestions, separate from returning to work and early weight loss at birth hospital, first week, and stresses the importance of support groups vs. the abundance of apps and blogs that perpetuate myths.

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