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Essentials of Biostatistics in Public Health. Text with Access Code

Sullivan, Lisa M. PhD
Essentials of Biostatistics in Public Health. Text with Access Code Cover Image
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Book Information
Edition: 4th
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishing
ISBN: 1-284-23197-6 (1284231976)
ISBN-13: 978-1-284-23197-7 (9781284231977)
New Edition: 1-284-28873-0
Old Edition: 1-284-10819-8
Binding: Softcover
Copyright: 2023
Publish Date: 08/22
Weight: 1.67 Lbs.
Pages: 400
Subject Class: PUB (Public Health)
A New Edition of this Publication is due 02/23
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Class Specifications
ISSN Series: Essential Public Health
Discipline: Public Health
Subject Definition: Biometry-Methods; Public Health Practice
NLM Class: WA 950
LC Class: RA409
Abstract: Essentials of Biostatistics in Public Health, Fourth Edition provides a fundamental and engaging background for students learning to apply and appropriately interpret biostatistics applications in the field of public health. Many examples are drawn directly from the author's remarkable clinical experiences with the renowned Framingham Heart Study, making this text practical, interesting, and accessible for those with little mathematical background. The examples are real, relevant, and manageable in size so that students can easily focus on applications rather than become overwhelmed by computations.

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