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Audiological Research Over Six Decades

Jerger, James
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Edition: 1st
Publisher: Plural Publishing, Inc
ISBN: 1-63550-370-1 (1635503701)
ISBN-13: 978-1-63550-370-8 (9781635503708)
Binding: Softcover
Copyright: 2022
Publish Date: 06/21
Weight: 0.81 Lbs.
Pages: 195
Subject Class: HRP (Health Related Professions)
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Class Specifications
Discipline: Otorhinolaryng
Subject Definition: Audiology-History; Hearing Disorders; Biomedical Research
NLM Class: WV 11
LC Class: RF290
Abstract: As a pioneer in the field of audiology, Dr. James Jerger has been involved in cutting-edge resource throughout the development of the field. In his new text, Audiological Research Over Six Decades, readers can experience the evolution of diagnostic audiology through his unique perspective. By detailing case studies from his own work over the years, Dr. Jerger gives his audience a chance to be a fly on the wall for major moments throughout the history of audiology. In the first section of the book, Dr. Jerger relates case studies and other stories from his early years in the field, including his time at both Northwestern and the Houston Speech and Hearing Center. Then, he dives into his years at Baylor College of Medicine. In the final section, he discusses his time researching auditory event-related potentials at the University of Texas.

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