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Kinetic Anatomy. Text with CD-ROM for Macintosh and Windows

Behnke, Robert S.
Kinetic Anatomy. Text with CD-ROM for Macintosh and Windows Cover Image
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Book Information
Edition: 2nd
Publisher: Human Kinetics
ISBN: 0-7360-5909-1 (0736059091)
ISBN-13: 978-0-7360-5909-1 (9780736059091)
New Edition: 1-4504-1055-3
Binding: with Supplement Softcover + CD-Rom
Copyright: 2006
Publish Date: 12/05
Weight: 2.10 Lbs.
Pages: 280
Carton Quantity: 18
Subject Class: ANT (Anatomy and Embryology)
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Doody Star Rating: 3
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Class Specifications
Discipline: Musculoskele
Subject Definition: Musculoskeletal Physiology
NLM Class: WE 103
LC Class: QM100
Abstract: Created expressly for those who will work in physical activity fields, the thoroughly revised and updated edition of Kinetic Anatomy continues to address how anatomy affects movement how the human body is constructed and how it moves by discussing bones, tying the bones together to make articulations, placing muscles on the bones, and observing how the joints move when the muscles contract.

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