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Adult-Gerontology Practice Guidelines. Text with Access Code

Cash, Jill C. MSN
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Book Information
Edition: 2nd
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company, Incorporated
ISBN: 0-8261-9518-0 (0826195180)
ISBN-13: 978-0-8261-9518-0 (9780826195180)
New Edition: 0-8261-7355-1
Old Edition: 0-8261-2762-2
Binding: with Supplement Softcover + Internet Access Code
Copyright: 2019
Publish Date: 01/19
Weight: 5.28 Lbs.
Pages: 1044
Subject Class: N-G (Geriatric Nursing)
A New Edition of this Publication is due 02/23
Doody Star Rating: 4
Return Policy: Non-Returnable.
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Class Specifications
Discipline: Nursing
Subject Definition: Geriatric Nursing-Standards-Practice Guideline
NLM Class: WY 152
LC Class: RC954
Abstract: The first book to encompass adult-gerontology practice guidelines for primary care, this comprehensive resource is useful as both a clinical reference and as a text for health care practitioners working with this population. Concise and up-to-date, the book is distinguished by its easy-to-read outline format that enables readers to quickly access the information they need. The second edition features 27 completely new entries associated with the aging population, an entirely new section on geriatric syndromes, and multiple updates to guideline changes for screenings. Polypharmacy issues are incorporated throughout and the BEERS list of medications is highlighted to guide prescribers in safely tapering or adding medications to a patient.s drug regimen.

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