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Bone Marrow & Blood Cells: Morphology, Histology & Clinical Relevance

Krause, John R. MD
Bone Marrow & Blood Cells: Morphology, Histology & Clinical Relevance Cover Image
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Book Information
Edition: 1st
Publisher: ACSP (American Society of Clinical Pathologists)
ISBN: 0-89189-678-3 (0891896783)
ISBN-13: 978-0-89189-678-4 (9780891896784)
Format: Handbook
Binding: Hardcover
Copyright: 2021
Publish Date: 01/21
Weight: 3.37 Lbs.
Pages: 328
Subject Class: PTH (Pathology)
Return Policy: Returns accepted up to 6 months provided no other recalls or return restrictions apply.
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Class Specifications
Discipline: Hematology
Subject Definition: Bone Marrow; Blood Cells
NLM Class: WH 380
LC Class: RB45
Abstract: Bone Marrow & Blood Cells: Morphology, Histology & Clinical Relevance represents an expansion of the concept behind Blood Cells: Morphology & Clinical Relevance to incorporate treatment of morphologic and histologic features of bone marrow cells and tissue. Bone Marrow & Blood Cells is designed to serve as a ...go-to... handy reference near the microscope for everyone who is involved in examining bone marrow smears and sections and blood smears regardless of specialty. Chapters include Bone Marrow Examination, Bone Marrow Cellularity, Lymphomas Involving Bone Marrow and many others. Images include many of bone marrow cells photographed from Wright-Giemsa or Giemsa-stained marrow aspirate smears and of marrow tissue photographed from H&E-stained marrow core biopsy sections. Beginning and experienced practitioners will both find the concise and easy to understand description of basic morphologic features of individual bone marrow and blood cells and the basics of bone marrow and blood smear examination very useful. Teachers will find the ...to-the-point... description of blood and marrow findings associated with various hematologic and non-hematologic disorders a helpful support for instruction in various settings. The synoptic atlases or images, 21 tables of comparative features, and the 150 self-assessment questions can be appreciated by all.

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