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About ESOP
"We don't just work here, we own the place"
At Matthews/McCoy, a distributor of medical and health science books and supplies, co-workers are referred to as "players" and "coaches". The company's corporate pyramid is the opposite of the traditional hierarchical structure. Head Coach Linda Nash is on the bottom, supporting senior coaches (vice presidents), coaches (managers) and players (front line employees).

The Matthews/McCoy structure has contributed to the company's growth. The coaches provide the players with the information and educational support they need to make decisions. Conversely, players let coaches know what customers are thinking so they can make more informed planning decisions.

The company lives by the "Four R's": rights, responsibilities, risks and rewards. Employees have the right and the responsibility to do what they need to do to satisfy customers; they are encouraged to take risks to help the company grow; and all are rewarded by the company's success.

The rewards are part of Matthews/McCoy's status as an employee owned company. In existence since 1889, the company became employee owned in 1989.

Participation in the ESOP requires one year in the company and 1,000 hours of service. Employees become 20 percent vested after three years; fully vested in the ESOP after seven years.

While the company has enjoyed steady growth since 1989, it is not all due to the ESOP. What has really impacted growth is the company's operating philosophy which emphasizes personal development. Personal Growth is a Responsibility. After all, we don’t just work here, they own the place.
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