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Autoimmune Diseases

Rose, Noel R.
Autoimmune Diseases Cover Image
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Book Information
Edition: 5th
Publisher: Academic Press, Incorporated
ISBN: 0-12-384929-2 (0123849292)
ISBN-13: 978-0-12-384929-8 (9780123849298)
New Edition: 0-12-812102-5
Old Edition: 0-12-595961-3
Binding: Hardcover
Copyright: 2014
Publish Date: 01/14
Weight: 6.85 Lbs.
Pages: 1267
Carton Quantity: 4
Subject Class: AIM (Allergy and Immunology)
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Doody Star Rating: 4
Return Policy: Returns accepted up to 12 months.
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Class Specifications
Discipline: Dis of Immuno
Subject Definition: Autoimmune Diseases
NLM Class: WD 305
LC Class: RC600
Abstract: Since publication of the 4th Edition of The Autoimmune Diseases in 2006, the understanding of the immune mechanisms underlying autoimmunity and autoimmune disease has significantly deepened and broadened. This fully revised 5th Edition incorporates new material and combines common themes underlying inductive and effector mechanisms and therapies that relate generally to the autoimmune disorders. It discusses the biological basis of disease at genetic, molecular, cellular, and epidemiologic levels and includes expanded coverage of autoinflammatory disease and autoimmune responses to tumors. Gives a thorough and an important overview on the entire field, framing individual disease chapters with information that compares and contrasts each disorder and therapy. Provides thorough, up-to-date information on specific diseases, along with clinical applications, in an easily found reference for clinicians and researchers interested in certain diseases. Keeps readers abreast of current trends and emerging areas in the field. Ensures that content is not only up-to-date, but applicable and relevant.

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