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Essentials of Health Justice: Law, Policy, and Structural Change

Tobin-Tyler, Elizabeth
Essentials of Health Justice: Law, Policy, and Structural Change Cover Image
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Book Information
Edition: 2nd
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishing
ISBN: 1-284-24814-3 (1284248143)
ISBN-13: 978-1-284-24814-2 (9781284248142)
Old Edition: 1-284-15207-3
Binding: Softcover
Copyright: 2023
Publish Date: 06/22
Weight: 1.39 Lbs.
Pages: 325
Subject Class: M-A (Medical Administration and Health Policy)
Return Policy: Returns accepted up to 10 months provided no other recalls or return restrictions apply.
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Class Specifications
Discipline: Medical Prof
Subject Definition: Healthcare Disparities; Vulnerable Populations
NLM Class: W 76
LC Class: RA418
Abstract: Given the national reckoning around structural inequity, racism, and intractable health inequalities, there is an unrequited demand among faculty and scholars who teach and write about health equity and social justice for texts that go beyond a discussion of the social determinants of health and access to care to provide analysis that offers a structural and legal lens for understanding entrenched health inequity in the U.S. The COVID-19 pandemic has only made the need for this approach more compelling and urgent.Addressing that need, authors Elizabeth Tobin-Tyler and Joel Teitelbaum have built upon and expanded their first edition with Essentials of Health Justice: Law, Policy, and Structural Change, Second Edition. This unparalleled new edition explores the historical, structural, and legal underpinnings of racial, ethnic, gender-based, and ableist inequities in health, and provides a framework for students to consider how and why health inequity is tied to the ways that laws are structured and enforced. Additionally, it offers analysis of potential solutions and posits how law may be used as a tool to remedy health injustice.Written for a wide, interdisciplinary audience of students and scholars in public health, medicine, and law, as well as other health professions, this accessible text discusses both the systems and policies that influence health and explores opportunities to advocate for legal and policy change by public health practitioners and policymakers, physicians, health care professionals, lawyers, and lay people.

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