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Applied Biostatistical Principles and Concepts: Clinicians' Guide to Data Analysis and Interpretation

Holmes, Laurens Jr., MD
Applied Biostatistical Principles and Concepts: Clinicians Guide to Data Analysis and Interpretation Cover Image
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Book Information
Edition: 1st
Publisher: Routledge Publishers
ISBN: 1-4987-4119-3 (1498741193)
ISBN-13: 978-1-4987-4119-4 (9781498741194)
New Edition: 0-367-56007-0
Binding: Hardcover
Copyright: 2018
Publish Date: 11/17
Weight: 1.29 Lbs.
Pages: 288
Subject Class: PUB (Public Health)
A New Edition of this title is due 10/20
Return Policy: Returns accepted up to 12 months.
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Class Specifications
Discipline: Public Health
Subject Definition: Biometry; Research Design; Biostatistics
NLM Class: WA 950
LC Class: R853
Abstract: The past three decades have witnessed modern advances in statistical modeling and evidence discovery in biomedical, clinical, and population-based research. With these advances come the challenges in accurate model stipulation and application of models in scientific evidence discoveryApplied Biostatistical Principles and Concepts provides practical knowledge using biological and biochemical specimen/samples in order to understand health and disease processes at cellular, clinical, and population levels. Concepts and techniques provided will help researchers design and conduct studies, then translate data from bench to clinics in attempt to improve the health of patients and populations. This book is suitable for both clinicians and health or biological sciences students. It presents the reality in statistical modelling of health research data in a concise manner that will address the issue of big data type I error tolerance and probability value, effect size and confidence interval for precision, effect measure modification and interaction as well as confounders, thus allowing for more valid inferences and yielding results that are more reliable, valid and accurate.

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