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Electronystamography and Videonystagmography: ENG/VNG

McCaslin, Devin L.
Electronystamography and Videonystagmography: ENG/VNG Cover Image
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Book Information
Edition: 1st
Publisher: Plural Publishing, Inc
ISBN: 1-59756-412-5 (1597564125)
ISBN-13: 978-1-59756-412-0 (9781597564120)
New Edition: 1-63550-081-8
Binding: Softcover
Copyright: 2013
Publish Date: 10/12
Weight: 1.22 Lbs.
Pages: 213
Subject Class: OPH (Ophthalmology)
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Class Specifications
ISSN Series: Core Clinical Concepts in Audiology
Discipline: Ophthalmology
Subject Definition: Electronystagmography; Eye Movements-Physiology
NLM Class: WW 410
LC Class: RE748
Abstract: This book provides a concise guide to conducting and interpreting the electronystamography/ videonystagmography examination. In order to provide a foundation for understanding ENG/VNG test results, the early sections of the text are dedicated to a description of normal and impaired peripheral and central vestibular system function. Also addressed is the process of central nervous system compensation. These sections are followed by a description and interpretation of the ENG/VNG subtests including: ocular motor testing, positional/ing testing and caloric testing. Finally, examples of counseling materials and illustrative case studies that serve to highlight the principles and techniques covered in the manual will be provided. This text is designed to be a practical and portable resource for use in the clinic. It may serves as a text for students training or as a practical summary of existing larger textbooks.

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